When all you need to know is how to find us, reach us and when we're open

Music we like:

Happy Mondays · Bon Iver · Ray Charles · Melody's Echo Chamber
Kenny Rogers · Grandmaster Flash · Serge Gainsbourg · The XX
Madonna · Prince · Dizee Rascal · Chet Baker · and so on...

business hours :

Sunday to Wednesday : 5:00PM to 3:00AM
Friday & Saturday: 5:00PM to 4:00AM

where are we?

4, Alfaros St.
Córdoba .Spain

contact us :

Tel: (+34) 957-485669
Email: automaticocordoba@gmail.com

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Come With Us

Bar Service

We offer a wide range of services, from ultimate cocktails to serving coffee. All of our services are carried out by trained and experienced professionals who have a genuine passion. You can trust us to do nothing but the finest work for you.

Other weird stuff

We like to think we are a kind of black hole here in Córdoba. If you visit us, you will find from flamenco dancers, acoustic gigs, jazz nights to independent theater companies playing, rare cinema movies or fashion showrooms. Everything is possible once you cross the door...
Drink List Sample Price
Rioja Red wine 2,5€
Special Watermelon Mojito 6€
Premium Gin 8€
Spanish Summer Wine 3€
Coffee or Tea 1,5€

* Terms and conditions - Prices may depend on many other factors. The table abouve provides an average price. Contact us for more information.


Paul Smith
AWESOME! The hottest chicks of the city. Music was great and the staff very solicitous. My favourite cocktail was "Disaronno Jan Is Joplin". Delicious!

Linda Winnie
I went with my girlfriends in our last trip to Spain and we had a great time. Someone should tell the waiter that you should NOT mix Jagger shots with beer... I think we can't go back to Spain for some time...

Michelle Poke
The vibe is a mixture of elegance and decadence, very calm and peaceful, the perfect place for reading a Boris Vian book in a rainy evening.

Jay Robinson
It is weird to find a place like this in Cordoba. You are transported to a dive of Paris in the 30s. A must-see.